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Shayari in english | Love poem in english

Shayari in english | Love poem for her

His eyes might not have got time
Otherwise my wish was not so much a cure
We loved it there too
Where there was no custom of love

What’s wrong with you
What the hell is this pain medicine
We are mushtaq and that bizar
What is this elahi

love poem for her
Love poem

Love is not only close
When there is a gap in the heart, then there is no want
If you are angry then complain to us
Being silent does not erase the distance of the heart

They have a complaint with us
We smile at everyone
Don’t know what to know
We see those in every face

Love quotes for him

No woman is better than you
Do by your own compulsions
You are not close to us today
We love your distance too

My every moment is beautiful today
Only in your heart
Say anything this world is no longer sad
I need you more than the world

Shayari in english for Him

Let’s burn it together let’s go together
Let’s go to the new world together
We have to do every single moment of life in your name
Let’s keep this promise together

I will forget myself in love
I will forget the world in my promise
We should also give it a try
I will forget the world for your sake

You had dreams of those dreams
Do not know how we fell in love with you
We owe it to that beautiful moment
The moment we joined our small world

Would have done some mischief if passed
Bring you love in arms
Look at your eyes
Complaining of lost sleep
love quotes for him
When they come, there is a tight feeling in the heart
I’m afraid that this is not called love

He has a weird effect on me
Keeps all the news in my heart
Maybe i forget her
But he keeps his skills to remember

Sleep is also auctioned in Bazaar-e-Ishq,
Sleeping without forgetting someone is not easy.

There is no lawyer in this world,
The one who lost love will win me over.