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Romantic Love poems for couple top five love poems

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 Top Five Love poems

I am scared of his silence
Why don’t you think it goes away
I have the courage to take it away from the world
But why does he think he will not support

Love Poems

Since your name has come to this heart
Every time there is a shadow on us
Do not know whether it is love drug or something
And everywhere we see only your face

Don’t remember those in the eyes
Don’t talk about the people in the heart
You have settled in our soul
That is why we do not request to meet

Sad  love Poems four lines

Tell me what is the pain everyday
You will hear love’s ghazal someday
Was their stubbornness that I should go convince them
I had this feeling that they will forget someday
love poems for her
Romantic love poems
What to say nothing is said
Get pain but can’t bear
I am so in love with you
Can’t see it anymore