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Love Shayari and love poems for girlfriend in english

Love poems  and love poems lines for girlfriend in english


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Love Shayari in english

Tum mere dil mein aise base ho
Jaise kee dil kee dhadakan bane ho
Tumako meree jaan khabar hee nahin hai
Mere lie tum kya ban gae

Kismat pe naaz hai to vo vajah hai teree mohabbat
Khushiyaan jo paas hai to vajah hai teree mohabbat
Main tujhase mohabbat kee talab kaise na karoon
Chalatee hai ye saans to vajah hai teree mohabbat

Main aadat hoon usakee vo jarurat hai mere
Main pharamaish hoon usakee vo ibaadat hai mere
Itanee aasaanee se kaise nikaal doon use apane dil se
Main khvaab hoon usaka vo hakeekat hai mere

Najar se najar kee mulaakaat dekhee hai
Pyaar mein hote hue teeron kee barasaat dekhee hai
Yoon to laakho dekhe hai hamane dil lagaane vaale par
Teree chaahat mein hamane baat koee khaas dekhee hai

Ishk tujhase karata hoon main jindagee se bhee jyaada
Main darata nahin maut se teree judaee se jyaada
Chaahe to aazamaale mujhako kisee aur se jyaada
Meree jindagee mein kuchh nahin teree mohabbat se jyaada

Najaro se jab najar ka takaraar hota hai
Har mod pe kisee ka intajaar hota hai
Dil rota hai jakhm hansate hai
Shaayad isee ka naam pyaar hota hai

Best love poems for girl friend

sweet love poems for girl friend

You are in my heart
As if the heart beats
You don’t know my life
What have you become to me

If luck is on you then that reason is your love
If happiness is near then the reason is your love
How can I not ask you love
This breath goes because of your love

I’m used to that
I am a judge of that, that is my prayer
How to remove it so easily from my heart
I’m a dream that’s my reality

Have seen an eye meeting with Nazar
Have seen arrows rain in love
Like this, we have seen millions
But in your wish we have seen something special

I love you more than life
I am not afraid of death more than your separation
If you want, try me more than anyone else
Nothing in my life more than your love

When the eyes clash with eyes
Everybody is waiting for you at every turn
Heart cries wounds laugh
Maybe this is called love