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Love poems for him from the heart , love poem 10 lines

Love poems dedicated to girlfriends and boyfriends, hope you like these poems with love poems.

Why is your heart sad
Why do you have thirst in your eyes?
Who left you in the middle,
Why is there a chance to meet him?
That gave pain for life,
Why is that special for you ??
There is no shortage of infidel in the world, now see the sun
Comes with Energy
Stays with Lights
And goes with Evening….
Today we have come calling them unfaithful!
His letters have been shed in the water.
Do not take them out of the water…
That is why we have set fire to water
Do you remember why I am suffering?
When did you go away .. Why does it make you cry?
There is pain, like salt on the burn.
Don’t even know yourself, how to forget you?
Couldn’t express even if you wanted to,
A cut age could not love anyone,
Even if you asked for your separation,
And we were unable to deny it!
When God may have made love,
Then he too must have tried it ..
What is our position,
Fucking love
God must have made you cry too!
Seeing it we often realize,
Sometimes the giver is also very special,
This is another thing that we don’t have every moment,
But we often have his sadness…
Tears come in my eyes
Even then, you have to keep laughing,
What is this love too, Friends?
Have to hide from what you do…
Weeping eyes wait,
Love without wanting
Why do we see those dreams,
Those who break even if they come true
Is waiting for?… ..
How beautiful was life with you
Now life is just punishment without you
How fun was life with you
Now life is very bad without you
Sometimes you were my life
Then why did you ruin my life
I’ve always seen you
Why God has spoiled my life

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