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Love poems dedicated to his Girl friend and Boy Friend

Love poems dedicated to his Girl friend and Boy Friend Hope you like this article with love poems.

Love shayari in english

This love is also a strange feeling…
More is said than eyes…
Every moment is just concerned about his sorrow and happiness…
We feel proud to live with this feeling…

love poems

I got decorated in the Sheesh Mahal of Wafa,
A heart that has turned into stone,
Thinking that there is no happiness,
I hid myself in sorrow of sorrow,
I never finished the illusion of light,
If the lamp is extinguished, I burn the heart,
The amazing thing is that the enemy had to run on,
I ate that arrow on my heart.

There is no jam in a broken cup
The patient does not feel comfortable in love
This thought would have taken place before breaking this unfaithful heart
The broken heart does not work for anyone …… ..

What will that unfaithfulness take our Imteha…
If you look at my eyes, I will take my eyes…
Don’t let her burn the lamp on my grave…
She is immature friends… she will burn her hand.

Girl friend and Boy Friend shayari

Result of love,
We saw bad in the world,
Who claimed the wafa,
We also saw them unfaithfully.

Flowers drown in sabnam,
Wounds are immersed in ointment.
When you come to your letter, we are immersed in your sorrow.

I salute those who play love
And those who are left in the way, Humara is this pegham,
“Promise me, then make yourself feel better,
Otherwise don’t destroy anyone’s life for God “

Time destroys Noor,
Wounds the little wound,
Who wants to be away from themselves,
But time forces everyone!

Lifeis the seal of travel,
Somebody got lost, someone got separated,
Those who had asked for the day’s blessings,
He got someone else without asking.

I did not think for whom we died,
One day they will be away from us,
We also wanted to live,
How will you live without you now…