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Love poems and love lines for her and him

Love Poems for girl friend

Love poems in english for girl friend and boyfriend i think you may like this

I will do something in love with you
Fragrance will be scattered in the air
If you want to forget, stop breathing
If i breathe i will go
When the fire of the heart starts to flare
I yearn to see you
We can’t wait for the clouds to rain
In your memories eyes begin to rain
Everything in your memories is different
Every meeting you have is different
 Every person touches my life
But your appointment is different
love poem
Loneliness takes you as far as your memory
Our life starts from there
Didn’t think we would like you so much
But now you have become our destiny
Never hate us we will not bear it
I do not need to tell you once
I swear you will laugh out of my world
Someone gets a chance at some time
A stranger also becomes a friend
Love is not always good
Too often fall short of love

Since your name has come to this heart
Every time there is a shadow on us
Do not know whether it is love drug or something
Everywhere we see your face

Don’t remember those in the eyes
Don’t talk about the people in the heart
You have settled in our soul
That is why we do not request to meet

Top Five Love poem for mobile status

People will see the way through the world
We go and stay
There is a beautiful beauty that makes us suffer
Home decorators worth thousands

There is no such thing as much love
But his power is too much for both of us
At this age, we should have followed you back
This is too much money coming on the way

Take care of someone who cares for you
In life who never sleeps
Get out of his life in his soul
Who should disbelieve you more than life

I want you to love my love
You are my life, you are my happiness
Do you thunder me from the world?
Just by your name, my world is my light

Two moments of life is very much in your love
A moment’s laughter and a moment’s happiness is enough
I don’t know this world
That’s enough for you

Let me make you beautiful every evening
May my love and friendship be in your name
If you get this life again
Every time I make this life in your name

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