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Best love status with shayari image for girlfriend

Love status with shayari image for girlfriend status

Friends, today we have brought some such heart touching love shayari in Hindi for girlfriends and boyfriends with whom you can express your love to your beloved. We have brought this Love Hindi Shayari for you, with which you can convince your angry lover and also express your love to him. Heart Touching Love Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriends and Boyfriends Love Hindi Shayari

We never thought
What we’ve got from friends
We always asked ourselves
What we have given them!

Love begins in the heart,
There is a way of talking,
Until the heart starts to stumble,
Everyone is proud of their love!

Love status

Best love status

Wish my lips touch your lips
See where your face is seen
Should our relationship be like this
May our hearts also join the lips ..!

Whom the heart chooses for the first love.
May it not be yours… it always belongs to the heart.

Life is very short,
for love,
then what is the need of losing time with each other.

You have searched my heart a thousand times,
tell me, have you ever found anything except love ..!

Please take care of me,
I oblige you,
I am crazy about you,
To the extent of madness,

You will miss my mirror
Miss the meeting with you
Time will stop for a moment,
When you will remember something about me

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A person’s life changes due to only two reasons,
one very special person should come into his life,
and another very special person should leave his life.

After all, how can I fall in love with you ..
You are not in luck, in the right heart .. !!

Don’t you ask me the extent of my love ..?
We can stop living but don’t love you .. !!

May God bless you every morning
Because you are the one
Keeps in his shelter.

If there were no tears, the eyes would not have been so scratchy
If there was no pain, happiness would not have cost.
If you get everything just by wanting,
So there is no need for a higher one in the world.

Habit has changed time to bite
Don’t even dare now
To share my pain with someone.

Make thousands of relationships in the world
But out of those thousands of relationships
Make a relationship
When you’re against thousands
Then she is with you.